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CrissCross International (CrissX) is a boutique airport/aviation consultancy established in 2003. We are amongst the vanguards in tailoring knowledge in airport master planning and airport operations towards advancing privatised investments (and PPP’s) in airport infrastructure development. 1

The development of next generation airport infrastructure is complex, and is technology and capital intensive. They often bring with them unprecedented policy, technical, financial and institutional challenges to airport stakeholders and decision makers. With increasing joint public-private sector participation, the funding criteria for initiating airport infrastructure development gets evermore complex. Through the years the particular skill-sets evolved at CrissX have gained traction in developing high performance next generation airports that meet the interests of private investors and lenders.

As a by-product of an airport’s physical development, parallel strategies are formulated to tune-up its operational performance. It creates operational and management capital as an allied asset. Possession of this capability helps demonstrate the airport’s sustainability as a viable going concern.

It is this demonstrable performance that lends persuasiveness in the mitigation of risk. It is also this ability to “perform” that helps leverage investor confidence. In short, our airport development approach can be benchmarked against expectant Returns-On-Investment. CrissX offers a clear path for airports wishing to transit towards operating as commercially viable and bankable businesses. We help produce results that speak for themselves.

This is our development rationale for airports. It represents our core commitment to airport stakeholders and decision makers. It is our raison d’être.


1. Criss Cross International (CrissX) is a sole-proprietorship with Azlan Morad as its Executive Director. Statements and references described in connection with CrissX are therefore synonymous with that of Azlan Morad. Engagements described carry direct responsibility and/or participation in collaboration with other sector relevant parties.

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