Project Title

Feasibility Study for Greenfield International Airport in Palestine
Preliminary CAPEX estimated upwards of c.USD120 million (aggregated).

Role of Criss Cross International

The assignment is part of a European Union initiative for implementing the Regional Transport Action Plan (RTAP) in the Mediterranean, under the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) in the South Region countries. In this context CrissX provided the vanguard strategic and technical input for the proposed new greenfield Palestinian International Airport located near the city of Jericho. Deliberations included formulating a viable aviation sector and institutional capacities in post-conflict Palestine consistent with future PPP perspectives.

The mission was in collaboration with:

  • Gesellschaft für Organisation, Plannung und Ausbildung (GOPA Consultants, Germany)
  • The European Union
  • Palestinian Ministry of Transport
  • Palestinian Civil Aviation Authority

Project Synopsis
  • Site assessment of Al Buqaiaa, near Jericho;
  • Traffic analysis and preliminary forecast; Determination of future aircraft mix and likely aircraft;
  • Outline facility requirements;
  • Defining operational framework for PPP compatibility;
  • Tentative estimate of phased CAPEX demand;
  • Prescriptions for future airport master planning.
Greenfield International Airport Palestine Feasibility Study, Crisscross International